Defective Products

A Defective Product Can Cause Harm to a Buyer.

A Defective Product Can

Cause Harm to a Buyer.

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Numbers Speak for Themselves

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They’re everywhere! The products we use to try to make our lives easier, happier, or more convenient. What happens when one of these products is defective and causes harm to the buyer? It happens, and we have experience in representing our clients well in such claims, including:

Inappropriate Design

We all hope that the product manufacturers do their due diligence in ensuring the physical quality of their product so that it meets our needs and is safe for our families and us to use as well. If you’re designing baby’s toys, we would expect them to avoid using metallic or sharp objects as not to cause harm to the child. 

For instance, you may remember Jarts? The famous lawn darts game. The original metallic design prompted many people to complain about it causing injuries, and because of these incidents, the company had to redesign a safer version of the game. 

Inexperienced Manufacturers


Thoughts become things. That’s what the Buddha said. However, we humans cannot always think of everything, and in the case of manufacturing products that have led to some grievous mistakes that have caused severe injuries to consumers. 

In the design of such commonly used products like electric cords, we can see that poor designs could lead to electrocution, or sparks if not correctly managed. 

Quick Defunct Products


Many manufacturers may be in a hurry to produce the next big product to go viral because they want to beat their competition to the punch. Obviously, this can lead to the production of defective products as we have seen in the past. 

Such as we have seen happen with car manufacturing companies. To keep up with competitors, manufacturers have to be innovative and efficient. However, this could lead to a car design that doesn’t always work out best for the consumer, especially with cars being arguably the most dangerous element of the human condition, with collisions being so prevalent.

As newer car designs are in high demand, the number of accidents in the U.S.A has increased due to faults like failed brakes, bad tires, and similar issues.

Inadequate Security & Premises Liability law


Dealing with Security and Premises Liability Law can be complicated as it often involves several types of people in different classes, statuses, and their possessions.


If you are not well versed in analyzing the duties linked to each licensee, intruder, or invitees or other legal statuses, then you need the help of an experienced lawyer who can educate you on the process and requirements if you suffer an injury on another person’s property. 

Each case and the approach to filing a suit are very different, and you need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the system and find the right attitude towards handling such cases. 

Some of the most common claims on premises liability include:

  •       Work construction site
  •       Swimming pool arena
  •       Military barracks

Lethal Drugs


The pharmaceutical industry has grown more significant than it has ever been in the history of medicine, and consumers have the advantage of never-ending options when looking for the appropriate drugs available for prescription. Drug companies spend billions of dollars on research and development to create new treatments that can help in successfully alleviating your symptoms. Even with all the strict regulation and forethought involved in the medical drug industry, it is unfortunate that some may still suffer injury or even death due to lethal drug interactions.

Health Malpractice


There is nobody that you would rather trust when it comes to your health more than a respected medical professional or health practitioner. Whenever we are ill or need medical advice, often, we are in a hurry to try to feel well again. Because of our unquestionable faith in their expertise and our rush to get back to feeling 100% as soon as possible, we tend to overlook when health workers make grievous mistakes that could end up costing us our life, or the life of our loved ones. 

Despite the level of trust, we put into any medical practitioner and their extensive training and education, whenever someone is injured or dies as a result of a medical error, we should always pursue justice, and you should receive the maximum compensation allowed by law. 

In summary, if this happens, seek legal counsel.

Below are some of the most common health injustices:

  •       Wrong diagnosis
  •       Surgical mistakes
  •       Anaesthetic oversight
  •       Erroneous treatments

·        Wrong Medical procedure



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