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Are dog owners automatically held liable if their dog bites someone?

No, it is a common myth. Let’s look at a few facts about dog bite injuries.

Almost 5 million people seek medical care for dog bites every year. The laws regarding these types of injuries can be challenging to understand and easily misinterpreted.

There are thousands of folks who require acute medical care for dog bites each year. Over 30,000 who need reconstructive surgery. Nearly 50% of those are children who require long-term treatment due to disfiguring injuries.

Your Ally The Entire Time

Dog bites, like any severe injury, happens when you least expect it, and you can find yourself having to research the complicated laws regarding dog bites hastily. 

In many cases, you may be entitled to compensation from the dog owner to cover your medical bills and lost wages. If the victim was bitten, in most instances, the dog owners are liable for your damages. Whether or not the dog has a history of vicious behavior or not.

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We always hope that an injury is not too severe, but dogs can inflict a lot of pain and damage on a person resulting in unexpected and expensive medical bills. It is critical to work with qualified attorneys who can explain the commonly misunderstood dog bite laws in easy to understand language and help guide you through the system. 

Injury may also occur from a dog surprising a victim by lunging, snarling or barking at them. If such an event occurs, causing you to fall and physically injure yourself, there are specific laws that address negligence and carelessness on the part of the owner. If you need help determining if to or how to proceed with a dog attack and dog bite instance, our highly qualified team can help and educate you on your rights.

Each situation may be unique, but you should not incur a loss of income or expensive medical care, if someone else caused your injury.  Contact Clune Law to help protect your rights and create a plan of action for you. 

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